BodyCraft GLX

BodyCraft GLX


•Adjustable seat and seat back (up/down/forward).

•Bench press/Mid-row station with adjustable starting point.

•Perform controlled plane exercises with the press arm or isolateral stabilization exercises with the cable arms.

•2 cable arms with 11 different positions allow press, fly, row and curl movements.

•Ab crunch station with harness.

•Low pulley station for seated rows, upright rows, abductor and adductor leg kicks, bicep curls and more with ankle strap and short bar (both included).

•High pulley station for lat pull downs and tricep push downs.

•Seated leg extension and standing leg curl station.

Optional leg press station

•200lb shrouded, machine-cut weight stack

•Space-efficient corner design (Smaller than most home gyms)

•Physical dimensions: 54" x 48" x 83.5"

•Required user space: 71" x 64" x 83.5"

•With optional leg press: 75" x 73" x 83.5"

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 July, 2010.